Sunday, December 4, 2011


You might have been aware of a certain "big game" that was this weekend. Matt and Mick Griffith (fraternity brother and fellow-Lawrencian) took a trip down to Stillwater to watch the OSU/OU game. That left the moms to be home with the kiddos. Stacia and I took Charlie and Oliver over to Noah Clothier's house to watch the game and let the boys entertain themselves. Emily, Stacia and I were really the ones entertained by watching these 3 cuties clown around. Here is a video of the "wavey song" that gets played by the OSU band whenever the Pokes score (it was played ALOT during this game). All of the OSU fans wave their arms back and forth over their head to symbolize waving wheat. We never bothered to learn the actual words to the song, so we just call it the wavey song.
Anyways, here is Oliver's attempt at the wavey song. I think it's pretty hilarious. Don't worry. There were no injuries sustained! :)

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