Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Years of the OC

Hi there!
As promised, this blog is dedicated to the current state of two-ness the OC has miraculously achieved. Why is this feat so miraculous? Well, let's jump right in, shall we?!
Oliver's Top 5 of Two-ville
1. No fear. Still. None. Will dive head first off of couches, chairs, edges of pools, etc. How we have only gone to the ER once is quite simply amazing (and that one trip was my fault and am still riddled with guilt over the "nursemaid's elbow" incident).
2. Low-ridin'. My kid is skinny. If you've met my husband, this does not come as a surprise. But, seriously, we are still in 12 month pants. Even the pants with the adjustable elastic on the inside waistband don't fit when you make them as small as they go. We have tons of HUGE cute jeans, pants and shorts just aching to be worn. But, I resist the urge to break them out most of the time. Daycare can only handle so much of Oliver running right out of his pants, I'm sure. Seriously, that happens sometimes. I never got the experience of having the cute, chubby baby with lots of rolls and dimply thighs and cheeks. I did get a cute, skinny baby with acid reflex, who is awesome and I wouldn't trade for the world, but still, I do like a chubby baby. Like, this cutie! (Samantha Whaley @ Oliver's Bday weekend before last).
3. Baller. Shot caller. 
Good gracious do we have a ton of balls in our house! Soccer balls. Basketballs. Baseballs. Golf Balls. And Oliver loves them all. He LOVES them! He who does not sit still for nothin' actually asks to watch baseball, basketball, soccer and golf on TV (in that order), and will really and truly sit on the couch and watch, mesmerized. He especially enjoys baseball, which is the lowest ball on my list if forced to watch one of these sporting events. He is very good at dribbling a ball, has a mean throw (with his right), and packs a powerful kick (with the left foot. Always the left. Can't kick with his right to save his life.) He knows how to "shoot" a basketball, and seems okay with getting nowhere near the net ever. He says "miss" every time and just keeps at it.
Below is another pic from the party. O & his friend, Noah Clothier, and 2 basketballs that Oliver refused to let go of.

4. Catch me if you can. Chasing a dream. If you've ever seen me out and about and thought to yourself (but would never tell me in person, b/c that would just be mean), "Gosh, that poor girl looks so worn out. She could travel for weeks with those bags under her eyes." Well, let me tell you, it's because my kid is never happier than when he can run away from you and make you chase him. First thing in the morning when trying to get him dressed; when trying to get him to brush his teeth; when trying to undress him for a bath, when trying to put lotion on him; when trying to force him to take his medicine, and on. And on...Get the picture? And he is FAST. Freaky fast. Just a blur of skinny white butt flying by at breakneck speed around corners, up/down stairs, through doorways (see #1 above). His amazing laugh is kind of worth it to chase him around for a few minutes before laying down the law.
5. More water, please. Water. Oliver has loved water from very early in life and continues to be obsessed with water. We are signed up for swimming lessons starting in July, but I honestly think the lessons might be too basic for him. He kicks, dog paddles, can flip over onto his back and really likes to annoy me by dunking himself COMPLETELY under, head and all, whether it be in the swimming pool or the bathtub. He also drinks the stuff all day long.
O & friend Mia Kenkel. Notice the rolled-over waistband.

So, ta-da! There's my list of 5 of the top things that come to mind when I think of my son right now at this fun and crazy age.

And now, here are a few more pics of Oliver's birthday party at the South Park Wading Pool on June 16th, and his fantastically fun weekend in the Lawton, Oklahoma countryside with Nana and Pa-Pa (technically they might live in Faxon now. Wherever that is!). They graciously met O and I in Stillwater this past weekend and took him down to their house to spend a couple of days while I had a sorority reunion and a blast reconnecting with some amazing Tri Deltas celebrating our 50th Anniversary at Oklahoma State. Go Pokes! Oh, and Daddy got a bachelor weekend playing golf and hanging out with fraternity buddies. He has it so hard sometimes!

Hey look, it's a ball!
Grammy organizing.
O's friend, Charlie Griffith

Our family is so blessed to have so many friends to help us celebrate these special moments in life!

O was very excited to drive Pa Pa's "tractor"!

 Possibly my favorite picture EVER!
Gardening is serious business!
Apparently, bungee cords can provide hours of entertainment!
Life in the country is pretty cool!


  1. Oh wow, our little guy would LOVE that pedal jeep. Do you recall what brand it is?

  2. Hi there! I'm sorry, I don't know the brand. I know it is an "antique" my aunt found years ago and just gave my parents recently so they would have something to entertain O! :)