Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday Funday

In 6 days, Oliver turns 2. How can this be?!
The terrible two's have commenced, and if crossing oneself truly helps the Lord deliver an extra dose of patience upon signing, I may just convert to Catholicism, like, yesterday.
Fact of the week: I had to order training pants online today. Babies are expensive, but potty training toddlers take the cake on pricey underthings!
Nana and Pa-Pa came to visit this past weekend, fresh off the boat of their Alaskan cruise. I'm pretty sure Oliver gave them a rude jolt back to the real world with his never-ending energy and tendencies to inflict self-injury at a moment's notice. But, he had fun and is still asking for them 3 days later. I failed to get any good photos of the grands with their grandson, mostly b/c we have officially entered the stage where all good photo ops immediately die once the camera is ready to shoot. How does he know to turn off the smile right when I'm about to snap?! Ggrrr.
I'm in the midst of final menu planning for O's birthday party which will be June 16th at a perfect-size-for-wee-ones wading pool in Lawrence. It's the same place we used for his 1st birthday party last year. It went well last time and as long as the weather is cooperating, my house will remain destruction-free again. And that's really the important thing here, right? :)
After Nana and Pa-Pa left on Sunday, we had some fun family time at a park near downtown. Here's the neat thing about having a kid. You tend to happen upon facets of your city you never knew existed. Like this sculpture in the photo below. Pretty, right? Who knew?! I am hoping we will make it to the Topeka Zoo for the first time this weekend. I am told it's pretty good and a good size for toddlers. And, who doesn't love a place with a song written about it by two of the all-time greatest musicians ever?! "Orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages..." Ha! You have that song stuck in your head now, don't you?
Okay, check back soon-ish for a birthday recap and an emotional mommy taking a trip down memory lane.

First statue sighting in six years of living in Lawrence

I've tried to crop out most of the downer of what is surely an "Occupy Lawrence" RV in the background.
He keeps getting blonder!
A little underwhelming when it was discovered you can't actually step into the train anymore.

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