Thursday, June 14, 2012

No cupcake TWO messy!

Oliver is 2! On Monday, June 11th, he turned "twooooo" as he says proudly. He was not very amused at being woken up by both of his parents singing "Happy Birthday" rather loudly. So, sadly I am not going to show you the video of the birthday wake up as there is alot of grumpiness involved.
But, he rallied quickly and thoroughly enjoyed his special day. We started off with opening a present at breakfast - sidenote, Oliver has a banana every morning. EVERY morning. Woe is he who comes to the table without a banana to present to his highness.
His first present of the day was a baseball mitt with velcro to help catch a soft baseball. No, the Coles family is not above finding shortcuts in life. :)
Anyways, I got to leave work early to take cupcakes to daycare and hang out with O and his crew in the afternoon. I have never received so many hugs in my life! I have also never seen so many snotty noses at one time. The mother in me was aching to get at these kids with some serious kleenex. But, I resisted the urge to overstep (for once!). I could not, however, resist giggling at the sight of eight two-year-olds chowing down on cupcakes. Holy Messiness! Oliver would not leave my side, so we called it quits a bit early for the day, went and picked up Daddy from work, and hung out at the wading pool for a bit before it was birthday pizza time and ice cream from Sylas & Maddy's. Another sidenote, if you are ever in Lawrence, KS, and have never enjoyed the deliciousness of Sylas & Maddy's, please put that on your to-do list, as you are missing out!
Then, it was home to open more presents and take a much needed bath. A perfect birthday for a perfect two year old.
And, the birthday fun is not over yet. Stay tuned for a recap of the big par-tay this Saturday! Also, I am way overdue for some stats on the boy and what is happening right now in his state of two-ness. I am working on the list, don't worry!

Frustrated face at Mommy's wrapping prowess.
Aha! He's got it now.
The makings of a slugger.
Did someone say cupcakes?
nom, nom, nom
Life is sweet!

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  1. Way to go Oliver!! The cupcake looks so yummy. Looks like Mommy and Daddy outdid themselves for your birthday. Loved the pictures and the commentary on the eventful two-year birthday or should I say "the beginnings of the terrible two's" Each year brings new events--some good some bad!! Happy Birthday Oliver! Wish you were comming to the Wawasee Mangas Family
    Get-together--Miss You--Hugs and Kisses

    love ya Aunt Emy