Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life in the country

Happy Fat Tuesday!
We visited Faxon, Oklahoma this weekend, driving 6 hours on Friday night, and 6 hours back on Sunday, but it was totally worth it to let Oliver wreak havoc enthusiastically explore life at Nana and Pa-Pa's house! The weather was decent enough for O to get a few runs in on "Herbie", Pa-Pa's big tractor. There is also little Herbie, a riding lawn mower, but big Herbie takes the cake in Oliver's universe. This is probably not a big deal to alot of you out there in blog world, but to me, growing up a "city girl" by any definition, visiting my parents' new place outside of town is pretty foreign. They have actual acreage. And cows just across the fence. (There may have been an inside the fence incident once with said cows!) There is also a beautiful view of the Wichita Mountains, which I believe is the reason for the particular spot of land chosen for their life after children/work/responsibility. It just needs to rain some more down there in southwestern Oklahoma, and they will really have it made.
We all visited my grandparents, who were completely enthralled with our wild little ball of energy, and I got to visit some dear friends I have known since we were, what, maybe 5, 6 years old? I tell ya, they do make some good people down in Lawton. I always say it's a nice place to be from... ;) 
We finished off the trip with a drive through the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge and lunch at Meers. If you have not experienced a juicy Meersburger, well, you have not lived!
It was a long car ride, but to Matt's and my amazement, Oliver told us every time when he had to go potty, and he held it until we found a bathroom! Yippeee! Corner, meet Turn. More on this achievement next time! 
Oliver gets some drive time.

Four Generations of Youngblood blood! 

Sporting Nana and Pa-Pa's Valentine present: OSU Band Aids! Don't worry, no injuries were inflicted to get this photo. :)

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