Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow-mageddon-pocalypse 2013

Hello? Can you hear me? We're buried under lots of snow here in Kansas! Mother Nature is having a field day with us at the end of winter.
We were home starting Thursday, and didn't get mobile again until Saturday. The snow-plow man must have it in for our neighborhood. I feel like we are always the last street to get plowed!

Day 1 of snow was pretty fun. Day 2 of snow was a little harder to take. Oliver kept looking at me on Friday like, c'mon Mom, get it together and create some fun up in this joint. Getting a toddler ready to go outside in this kind of weather is seriously a workout in itself, and most of the time, it takes longer just to get out the door than it does being out the door! Oh well, this snow doesn't come around too often (thank goodness) so I guess we should just enjoy it while it lasts. Here are some pics from our winter wonderland.
Here is Oliver's tiny snowman he made from the light snow we had a week before. And I thought that small amount of snowfall was annoying. Little did I know what was coming...

The task of getting ready to go outside and play/shovel

Let's do this.

Will work for gummy worms or Spiderman tattoos.

Amusing ourselves.

We did manage to make it out to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live! in Kansas City. Oliver sat mesmerized for most of the show. He had fun and got to see some friends from school there too! Entertainment in any form was sorely needed so DJ Lance and the gang from Yo Gabba came just in time.

Oliver, Ayana (possible future wife?), Quinn & her brother Cade

Getting the "sillies" out!

On Sunday we went over to the Clothiers' house for some sledding fun. I think it might be the first or maybe second time in life that I have gone sledding. Definitely Oliver's first. Well, to be honest, "sledding" took the form of green plastic round things like saucers courtesy of the Clothier family. I think actual sleds sold out in Lawrence in record time last week. But, it was fun and he was brave! He even went down by himself a few times.
Sledding with Noah & Madeline Clothier!

Now it's time to see how many more inches will be falling tonight/tomorrow. Anyone with a snow blower is welcome to stop by! :)

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