Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Movie (in a real movie theater)!

Last week Oliver came down with a mysterious fever. It was super high - maybe the highest it's ever been (105). But, after 2 days, it was gone without any other symptoms, thank goodness. Grammy Mel and Grandpa Jer came to spend the weekend and it was a good thing Oliver rebounded quickly from his bug, as those 2 grandparents wore him out! Lots of swimming and McDonald's playgrounding went on, along with, of course, the usual overdosing of cookies, ice cream and candy.
On Sunday, we took Oliver to see his first movie! Monster's University (I give it 2ish stars). He did great! Especially considering there was 30 minutes of previews before the movie started. Literally. When the title "Monsters University" finally appeard on screen, Oliver clapped and asked, "is it over?" !!! It was like Disney was saying to parents, "Hahahaha suckers. We've got you now. You paid too much money to see this movie to leave early, and we are going to force you to endure agonizing levels of paranoia that your child is going to have a meltdown any moment, on the off chance that one of these previews for our next movie that comes out in 6 months will capture your child's interest and have them begging for you to take them to see it."
But, I digress.
Oliver's friend Charlie went to the movie as well and is a seasoned movie-goer already. Oliver was very impressed at all the snacks Charlie brought and was so nice to share with Oliver. I took notes for next time (jumbo marshmallows, check!) I absolutely love going to the movies and have very fond memories of going with my family throughout childhood and up to present. You should ask Matt about the time he went with my parents and I to see Mama Mia in the theater a couple of years ago. Hehehehehe. He loved it! ;)
Here are some fun shots of our little Monsters after the movie.

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