Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back To The Grind

We just got back from spending a few relaxing days with Jerry & Melanie in Florida. Boy was it great timing to get away from the Kansas cold! Most of the time the temps were in the 70's, with a couple of nice, sunny days. Matt got in his share of golf (but didn't beat Jerry too badly this time around), and I survived 9 holes. Melanie was patient enough to take me around to some maternity stores, where I found some pants that actually work for me! Yea! (Tip: Gap Maternity is awesome!!!!) One thing I won't be repeating for not attempt to play tennis for the first time in two years while pregnant. I am still sore. Although, Matt did say that he thought I played better pregnant. Wish I could say the same for my golf game!

The Word Is Out
Jerry and Melanie are so excited to become grandparents, that whenever we were introduced to friends of theirs who live in their golf community, the first words the introducees usually said to us were, "Congratulations!" It appears as though the good news spread even before our arrival. I wonder if Banjo knows his days as Grammy's #1 baby are numbered... :)

18 Weeks
So here I am at the 4 1/2 month stage, where, according to the reading, Baby Coles is the size of a bell pepper. I should start to feel some movements here and there around now, although I haven't felt anything yet. At least, not anything I can put a finger on that is for sure "baby". I am continuing to categorize all motions as indigestion, which I know for a fact has been going on in there since Day 1. :) Sorry, TMI!

The Name Game
We have started compiling a list of baby names, both girl and boy at this point, and welcome any suggestions. I know my mom is good about texting me whenever she runs across an interesting prospect!  I'm sure there will be a poll soon, so be on the lookout.


  1. My choices are "Navin" for a boy and "Marie" for a girl. "Patty Bernstein" was my third choice, but it's so common nowadays.

  2. Ha! Yes, we'll probably end up closing our eyes and pointing at a name in the phonebook. That's where anybody who's a somebody is anyways! :)


    Here's a link to trendy names for 2010. My recommendation is to take a computer or baby name book to the hospital with you.

  4. Yea! for blog!
    Aren't you supposed to take like the street you grew up on and your first pet's name to name your children?? ; ) Chancey would be an awesome middle name.

    Just make sure you don't take any of the names that Marisa has reserved. She gets a little touchy. : )