Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things That Go Bump

Bump Watch 2010
Another week down! Time for the first installment of "Bump Watch 2010". Here I am at 4 months. Let's see how far this comfy grey shirt will stretch through the coming months.

17 Weeks
Baby Coles is now the size of a turnip. A turnip, you ask? Well, yes. Because a turnip is not at all an obscure piece of produce and anyone can easily conjure up an image of a turnip with its approximate length and width, right?

Say It Ain't Snow
This week, Matt and I are excited to visit Jerry & Melanie. We are looking forward to leaving the frozen, hilly plains of Eastern Kansas for the sunny warmth of Ft. Myers, Florida. Only this trip, Jerry, better make my bloody mary a virgin! I hope to be able to golf at least one round - maybe Baby Coles will actually improve my swing!


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  2. And yes, I realize I wrote both "hilly" and "plains" to describe our unique area of geography within America's Heartland. :)

  3. Upon arrival to FT Myers Florida...We've ordered Sunny & 70+ degree weather, and a crate of Orange Juice that Ashley now is you think she will share the OJ with Matt?
    Love that little bump. Too cute!
    Can't wait to see you & Matt this week in sunny Florida. Wednesday will be the first day we hit in the 70's in a long, long time. You guys are our good luck charms for great weather! thank you!
    Love you, Grammy-to-be Melanie & Grandpa-to-be Jerry

  4. look so cute and skinny!!:-) Matt and I were talkin' nursery decor at work today but I had a brainstorm after looking at your blog: how about prints of all the veggies you're posting to represent the little one?!?! (hee hee) Have a great time in Florida!