Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news...

Today we went to the doctor for my monthly checkup. Quite the boring appointment! I guess no news is good news. Matt finally got to hear the heatbeat. (I could have done with a little more enthusiasm, but that's for a different type of rant, err, post. ;))  The heartbeat was a healthy 163. For more on that see below.

A Weighty Matter
From day one of my pregnancy until now, I have gained 14 pounds. I was almost at peace with that, reasoning that if it took 4 months to gain 14 pounds, another 4 months at another 14 pounds would be right in line with what is a healthy pregnancy weight gain. Then Matt burst my bubble by commenting that everything he has read states that the bulk of weight gain happens in the last couple of months. So there we go.

Reasons why I think we are having a girl:

1. The Chinese birth calendar, which claims to be 93% correct, says we are having a boy.
2. I am craving orange juice more than I ever have in my life.
3. The heartbeat is 163 - and as the wives' tale goes,  a heartbeat over 140 means girl.
4. Most of the people we know are having or recently have had boys, meaning our little universe is due for some evening out.


  1. I love this!!! I am so excited about getting to keep up with your pregnancy even though we are so far away. Your blog entries are cracking me up - I love it!! You tell Matt I said when it comes to weight, moods, etc. he is to keep his two cents to himself!! lol When he starts "throwing up" and gaining weight, then he can comment!! lol
    I hope your magic switch shuts off your "throw up" soon!!
    Love You Guys,
    Lea Ann, Lane and Shaiann Livingston

  2. I wouldn't worry about the weight gain! You are the skinniest and cutest girl around. Your body probably had to catch up to try to get to a more normal place!
    I think girl too, though Noah's heartrate was always over 140.