Sunday, March 28, 2010

The beginning of the end of the beginning...

7 Months
We've come so far! The third trimester is officially underway. Either time will fly or drag from this point. We've got lots of activities on the calendar for the next three-ish months to occupy ourselves, from childbirth and care classes to showers to preparing for BC's arrival.
For those of you interested in the progress of "bump watch" 2010, here is another pic. This grey t-shirt that was super comfy around 4 months along is growing rather snug!

28 Weeks
According to the reading this week, BC is being measured by weight these days instead of height. He should be between 2.5-3lbs, which is roughly the weight of a Chinese cabbage.  He is still between 14-15 inches long, and judging by the feel of him, he is all elbows and legs right now!

This was a busy weekend, and there's alot more to post, but the blog site is acting
up and it's driving me crazy, so I'll stop now until I figure out what's going on. It's really hard to be your own IT guy when you know nothing about IT!

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