Sunday, March 14, 2010

The twilight of a "childless couple"

Feels like just yesterday...
Matt and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary this weekend. I think we've had a pretty smooth and bump-free journey together thus far. Especially considering all that has happened in the past six years:  We've made it through a move to Chicago, a bar exam, high-stress professions, a first house, a move to Kansas, a second house, the death of our treasured Bob, a second bar exam, the transition to a slower-paced occupational and personal life, the addition of our adorable Preston, a hernia surgery (someone's getting old!), and now, a baby on the way. Whew! Hopefully, we took the time to smell the roses along the way (I think we did our best), because our relationship is definitely about to turn in a whole new direction. And I'm told it's all for the better, which means we're in store for so much happiness we might be those people oozing with such joy it makes others sick. Fingers crossed!      

26 Weeks
About 98 days left, give or take a few. According to the reading, BC (no, still no name) is the size of an English hot-house cucumber. As opposed to a cold-house one - those are the runts of the cucumber family. ;)

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