Sunday, March 28, 2010

Uh-oh! Look who learned to use video.

Get out! A video on the blog?
Ha! Take that stupid computer! Score: Technology 530, Ashley 1. I don't think everyone out there understands how big of a deal this breakthrough is for me. I finally figured out how to upload videos from our camera. Turns out we have videos that go WAY back - like from our honeymoon, that we've never seen on anything other than the tiny camera screen. Anyways, I figure the video feature on our camera will come in handy once BC finally makes his appearance (let me clarify:  AFTER he makes his appearance, not DURING!). :) So, here is my film debut for you eager theater fans out there. I have entitled this short piece: How to Drive An OCD Dog Crazy. (It might be hard to see, but Preston is  chasing a red laser beam around.) Enjoy!


  1. Use that on your husband if you ever need to wear him out!

  2. Ashley,

    Well, sorry, but this is my first visit to your blog. It was great seeing your bump...I was having trouble seeing you "pregnant" look fantastic! We got caught up on your happenings with our visit to Melanie and Jerrys. Hope they got the baby room painted and everything falling into place! I'm sure the room looks really cute. The next 3 months will fly by and we look forward to following them on your blog! hugs and kisses, Aunt Deb