Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Master Plan

So far, so good. 
Everything is coming together nicely for the nursery. The bedding has been purchased (and is being shipped as we speak); all of the furniture is now in stock at USA Baby and will be delivered a week from Monday; and the paint color has been selected. Matt's parents are coming to visit next weekend and have been "volunteered" to assist in the actual painting of the room. Oh, and a rocker/glider is in the works as well (although, Matt may not necessarily know about this purchase until he reads this week's blog!).  Just a few more details and I think the fabulous nursery I picture in my head will indeed become a reality! Of course, this means I now have to switch from thinking about a plan for the baby's room to an actual birth plan. Yikes!

27 Weeks
Depending on which pregnancy book you believe, this week marks either the last week of the 2nd trimester or the 1st week of the last trimester. I'm going to go with the former, in hopes my mental state will continue to believe that I am still in the "comfortable" stage of pregnancy for a wee bit longer.
This week marks another milestone of sorts. It's the first week of my "maternity leave" from teaching Zumba, the cardio-dance class I've been teaching non-stop for almost 3 years! I am both excited to have a break (and I know BC is too), and sad to leave this great workout that has kept me in the best shape of my adult life for the past few years. The future is up in the air, so who knows if I will go back to teaching after BC becomes the main focal point of life (I will refrain from using the abbreviation A.D. to reference post-baby life)! ;)
According to the reading, BC is the size of a head of cauliflower, which is actually kind of pretty, especially compared to Week 25's produce selection!

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  1. Pictures! Your adoring public wants pictures!! xo, sis