Sunday, April 25, 2010

8 Months

Bump watch update
Okay, here we are at 8 months. Time for another pregnancy pic. I can't give up the grey shirt just yet, although, it is really getting a tad difficult to get over even my head these days!
These last few days have been fairly relaxing (to say the least), but I did at least get to have a little excitment. My mom and sister drove up on Friday morning to keep me company for the day/night. Jen flew into Lawton from D.C. for the shower that never happened, so I was thinking I was not going to get to see her at all, so it really was a great surprise that she didn't mind jumping in a car for six hours after her plane ride in order to come and see me in KS! And, she got acquainted with BC - he kicked a "hello" at her and she felt it! 

32 Weeks
According to the reading, BC really should still be under 4 lbs. this week, about the weight of a "large jicama". However, we know from our sonogram last week, that BC is ahead of the curve, coming in around 4.3 lbs already. Therefore, in honor of his above-average maturity, I am doing away with the food comparisons. BC is now fully a "baby" in my mind, and should he be born today, a handsome little 4.3ish pound baby he would be (see below pic from last blog entry for cuteness factor)!


  1. You look amazing Ashley! Hope you are doing well at home! We should plan on getting together for lunch since we'll probably be on maternity leave the majority of the time can be the first offical play date! ;-)

  2. I love it! So happy you are getting some relaxing time! And you and Jami should get together!

  3. Thanks, Jami! I would love to have a playdate!