Friday, April 23, 2010

Ready for my close up, Mom!

Here is a picture from our sonogram this week. BC was MUCH bigger this time around and wouldn't sit still very well, so all of the pictures were a bit blurry and hard to tell what part was what, if you know what I mean.
Still, here is a pretty good close up of his cute little face. You can clearly see his profile with nose and lips, and his little fingers are waving around up there right by his face. (Hopefully it's not just the middle finger we see there). :)
Some stats:  BC is measuring around 4.3lbs this week. He's a week ahead on his growth! That comes out to about 56% in weight for his age. Also, the tech told us she could see that he has hair! I'm taking her word for it b/c I sure couldn't make out any sort of hair-like image, but still, very exciting stuff!

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