Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

Oh, so that's what those feel like!
Well, it's been an eventful week in pregnancy-ville. Long story short, I started having contractions last weekend that have lasted throughout the week. I went to the doctor and was monitored, given shots (and a darn bruise from an over-enthusiastic nurse), and examined, several times by several people (guess I was going to have to get over any modesty issues sooner or later from pregnancy). Apparently, I have a "cranky uterus" that is going a little crazy. My doctor says I am not going into actual labor right now, but these "nuisance contractions" just aren't letting up like regular Braxton-Hicks ones, so I'm on some drugs to relax the uterus so all of this movement doesn't trigger something that could lead to labor. So, thanks for all of the prayers and good wishes we've received this past week. Keep 'em coming! Just gotta hold off BC for a few more weeks! The doctor put me on bed rest over this weekend and gave me an oral prescription for the same stuff that was in the shots, and so far things have calmed down quite a bit, so hopefully things are going in the right direction. I just didn't plan on bed rest being part of my third trimester experience! Anyone know any good TV series I should netflix should this become a routine???

I want my mommy (and daddy)!
My parents were super nice and dropped their weekend plans to come up and take care of us. My mom cooked and cooked and cooked and made us lots of yummy and healthy meals to freeze and tide us over for awhile. My dad was game for running errands, walking the dog, and doing general heavy lifting. It was a blessing to have them here as a distraction and a help. I just realized that we never got them to play the Wii for the first time while they were here. THAT would have been some real entertainment for the weekend!

31 Weeks
Every week from now on will be gravy as far as I'm concerned. This week, not much has changed in the way of BC's size. According to the reading, he is starting to fatten up, weighing in around 3.3-3.5 lbs, about the same as carrying four navel oranges. Not sure how many oranges "they" tried before finding just the right number.

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