Monday, April 12, 2010

The Big 3-0

30 Weeks
Yippee! We've made it to the three's. Even though it's still too early for BC to make his appearance, I feel like now is the time to hit the books hard in order to learn as much as possible about the first few weeks/months of his life and what we are in store for. Matt and I went to childbirth classes this weekend. We learned WAY more than we really wanted to know. And, I cried after one of the birthing videos. Hey, I saw one of the other dads in the room wipe his eyes too, so I know it wasn't just me being hormonal. Hopefully, they just make you overprepared at these classes so you will know all of the what if's even though they claim most of us will have a "normal" delivery. I am now smarter, and more scared! Of course, as soon as that first sleep-deprived day hits, I'm sure all of my newfound knowledge will go right out the window!
This week, I'm changing up the measurements. Instead of focusing on BC's length or weight (he's still around the size of a head of cabbage), let's see how much amniotic fluid we've got going on inside. Turns out it's about a pint and a half. Cheers!

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